Uspar Tekstil

By 1970, our founder, Ismail USLU gave a start of our story as the yarn and greige fabric trader in İSTANBUL-Sultanhamam.

In 1985 Mr. USLU founded USLU TEKSTIL Inc. and the following year, he kept on his attempts by opening the first Open-End facility in DENIZLI ORGANIZE SANAYI (DENIZLI INDUSTRIAL ZONE).

When we came to the year 1994, the second Open-End facility started manufacturing to keep up the changing market conditions.

In 1997, USLU Family and Enver PARALI Family combined their business power with the name of USPAR Tekstil Inc. and became a company partner to reach the higher targets.

By the integration project, USPAR invested on Weaving Unit in 2000 and added Know-How to the products, meanwhile renovated the two Open-End facilities and improve their technology to serve their customers the best.

In 2008, USPAR started to give service for Home Textile, Garment Industry and Industrial Textile by the investment of Air-Jet Weaving Technology. For providing the yarn consumption, the third Open-End facility started manufacturing and the capacity reached to 50 tons/day. Between 2008 to 2011, new investments were made on the laboratory which is based on ISO-DIN Norms.

In 2014, with the gained momentum, the fourth Open-End facility started manufacturing and the capacity of yarn production reached to 75 tons/day in Dazkırı. At the same time USPAR developed the weaving technology by increased capacity of greige fabric production to 600.000 meter/month.

USPAR TEKSTIL INC. has total 110.000 m ² open and 45.000 m ² closed area which are located in DENIZLI ORGANIZE SANAYI and DAZKIRI SANAYI BOLGESİ/Afyonkarahisar. USPAR moves forward with its existing and the future investments to acquire new markets, keep on contributing to TURKISH INDUSTRY.